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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus RF Exposure

Breaking: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus The Highest Radiating Phones Ever Created By Apple!

Apple has just updated it’s official website with the SAR values measured for their most recent flaghsips, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. I was expecting these results starting with September 7 and was convinced that they will become available two days later, by the start of pre-orders. However, the information was updated only…

iphone 6s plus 7000 series aluminum

7000 Series Aluminum Makes iPhone 6S Bendgate-Free

The upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus flagships won’t play the same Bendgate charade, in which their predecessors were involved in! In the fall of 2014, only a few days after their official release, complaints from owners of bent devices, emerged on social media websites and Apple discussion forums. The extremely thin body, combined with…

apple watch radio frequency exposure

Apple Watch SAR Values For RF Exposure

There is one thing that you should consider before buying the newly released Apple Watch. Health comes first, thus it’s wise to inform yourself about the SAR values of this wrist gadget. I’m talking about the rate, or the amount, of radio frequency absorbed by your body, when exposed to the smartwatch. Of course, that…