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safari for ios find on page tool

How To Search For Text In Safari For iOS

The Internet is the best source for information nowadays. Whenever your search for something on the web, you land on a web page suggested by Google or any other search engine that you use. Sometimes, it can happen that the article you’re redirected to is very large and covers more subjects. It can take a…

mozilla firefox on iPhone

Mozilla Firefox Soon Available on iOS

If you’re a fan of the Firefox Internet browser, developed by Mozilla Corporation, here are some good news for you. It seems that you’ll be able to download this web browser, from the App Store, in the near future. Yes, you read it right, Mozzila Firefox will soon become available to iOS users! As you…

ios safari private web browsing mode

5 Tips For iOS Safari Private Browsing

If you ever need to browse the web from your iOS device and don’t wish to leave traces, you should consider the Safari Private web browsing mode. When activated, your iPhone’s built-in Internet browser shouldn’t remember the pages that you’ve visited, track your search history or save AutoFill information. If you forget to go private,…