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calendar search not working ios 16

Calendar Search Not Working On iPhone in iOS 16? (Fixed!)

Calendar Search not working after iOS 16 update? iPhone returns No Results error and asks you to check your spelling or try a new search? However, there aren’t any results displayed no matter what search term you use?…

block Calendar Spam on iPhone

How To Remove and Block Calendar Spam Events On iPhone

Are you annoyed by Calendar spam events on your iPhone? This is most likely caused by a Calendar subscription that you’ve accepted without giving too much attention to the popup requesting your consent. Don’t worry! You can remove the unwanted event invites and unsubscribe from future spam invites in the Calendar app….

New Month Calendar widget in iOS 15

New Month Calendar Widget For Home Screen (iOS 15)

A minor but very useful change coming in iOS 15 is the new Month Calendar Widget for the iPhone and iPad Home Screen. The built-in Calendar app already features three widgets in iOS 14, but having the entire month laid out in a small sized widget was never available!…

How to fix Date Complication in watchOS 7

How To Fix Date Complication Missing Or Not Working (watchOS 7)

Is the Date Complication missing or not working on your Apple Watch? In most cases, this has to do with the fact that you’ve recently updated your device to watchOS 7! In watchOS 7 the Date complication is part of the stock Calendar app. To be able to display Today’s Date you have to use…

Spam received under the form of Calendar Invitation on iPhone

How To Stop Calendar Invitation Spam From Landing On Your iPhone

Black Friday isn’t an important event just for shoppers and salespeople, but also for spammers that have exponentially increased their activity these days. And who can beat the Chinese when it comes to invading your virtual space with intrusive advertising materials. After the already famous iMessage phishing scheme, that filled up thousands of iPhones with…