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create ios calendar event from iphone messages

Create iOS Calendar Events From iPhone Messages

The iPhone comes with plenty of hidden features that the average user most probably doesn’t know about. If you’re new to iOS or not a tech-savvy individual, there might be certain functions that you haven’t uncovered yet. Most of them have the role to increase the efficiency of your interactions with your smartphone. One of…

iphone calendar event invitees

How To Invite Contacts To An Event Via iOS Calendar App

Your native iPhone’s Calendar app helps you keep track of your daily meetings, appointments and all other occurrences that you need to attend to. But did you know that it can also help you to organize events? You can schedule a gathering, set up all the details regarding location, time and invite everyone that you…

apple watch calendar app event alert

Apple Watch Calendar App Features and Settings

If you have a habit of using your iPhone’s Calendar as a personal agenda, you’ll get addicted to its corresponding watch OS app. Else, you should definitely consider starting to track your events, meetings and other important to-do tasks. Having your daily schedule available at only a flick of the wrist and a tap away,…