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Tag: Calibration

calibrate iphone battery

How To Recalibrate The iPhone Battery

If your iPhone’s battery percentage indicator starts acting funny, it means that your device’s power source has lost its compass. This usually happens when the iOS device spends an increased amount of time in extreme temperatures. If you’re out in the cold and the iPhone is exposed to it, the battery might experience a sudden…

apple watch accelerometer calibration

Calibrate Your Apple Watch To Improve Metrics Accuracy

The first time you use the Activity app on your Apple Watch, you’re asked to provide personal details such as gender, age, height and weight. This information helps your wrist gadget, to properly determine important metrics like the distance you run, how far you walk, the amount of calories burned and other data used by…

iphone altimeter

How to Use The iPhone Altimeter

The Altimeter points out the altitude of your iPhone, thus letting you know how high you are in comparison with the sea level. This feature is very useful for hikers, climbers and for everyone that deals with altitude change. The iPhone doesn’t currently have a built-in Altimeter app, so we have to install one from…

iphone compass calibration

iPhone Compass Calibration Trick

The built-in Compass app is a great orientation tool provided by your iPhone. With iOS 7 it’s available, by default, on your first home screen in the bottom left corner. You need to calibrate the Compass whenever you freshly open the app. Calibration is accomplished by tilting the screen, which triggers the roll of a…