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iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay Issue

iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay Issues? Car Microphone Problems?

Are you encountering iPhone 14 Pro CarPlay issues? Is the car’s microphone not working properly? Mic not picking up your voice loud enough and conversation partner has trouble hearing you? This looks like another day-one iPhone 14 problem!…

Last Line No Longer Available error

Last Line No Longer Available Error On iPhone 14? (Fix!)

Are you getting the Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone 14? It happens whenever you try to call someone in Recents or Contacts? iPhone does dial if you tap Call, but the popup shows up every time?…

Prevent Lock to End Call

How To Stop Side Button From Ending Call On iPhone In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can finally stop Side Button from ending call on iPhone! All this thanks to a new setting called Prevent Lock to End Call. When enabled and you click the Side Button during a call, the iPhone screen turns off but and the call continues allowing you to save battery….

iOS 14 Incoming Call Banner Bug

How To Fix Incoming Call Banner Bug On iPhone In iOS 14

Is the incoming call banner notification glitching on your iPhone in iOS 14? We’ve received a similar report from a reader, that complains about the fact that the incoming call banner randomly disappears and re-appears at the top of the iPhone screen….

how to fix Apple Watch muted microphone during calls

How To Fix Apple Watch Microphone Not Working During Voice Calls

Are you answering a voice call directly from your wrist but the caller isn’t able to hear you? This happens when the microphone on your Apple Watch isn’t working as it should. A glitch could automatically mute your device’s microphone and thus render it unusable!…