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iOS 14 Incoming Call Banner Bug

How To Fix Incoming Call Banner Bug On iPhone In iOS 14

Is the incoming call banner notification glitching on your iPhone in iOS 14? We’ve received a similar report from a reader, that complains about the fact that the incoming call banner randomly disappears and re-appears at the top of the iPhone screen….

how to fix Apple Watch muted microphone during calls

How To Fix Apple Watch Microphone Not Working During Voice Calls

Are you answering a voice call directly from your wrist but the caller isn’t able to hear you? This happens when the microphone on your Apple Watch isn’t working as it should. A glitch could automatically mute your device’s microphone and thus render it unusable!…

Ongoing call put On Hold on iPhone

How To Put A Call On Hold On iPhone To Call Someone Else

Do you know that you can put a call on hold to dial for someone else? This hidden iPhone trick is available from the earliest iOS versions, but there are many experienced iPhone owners that aren’t aware of it. Most iOS users know how to place a call on hold when another call is coming…

How to customize quick responses of the respond with text iPhone feature

How To Configure The iPhone’s Respond With Text Feature For Declining Incoming Calls

It often happens that an incoming call pops-up in an unwanted moment and there is no way you can pick it up. You might be already aware that iOS comes with three quick response options that allow you to politely decline the conversation and let the caller know why you refused to engage. There is…

How to schedule a fake incoming call on your iPhone

How To Fake An Incoming Call On Your iPhone And Get Out Of Trouble

You’ve surly had your awkward moments and have been desperately searching for a way to get out of jail in a quick and honorable way. The same goes for boring discussions that you wish you could end as soon as possible. In all these cases, an incoming iPhone call can literally save you by the…