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iPhone 12 caller id not showing up

How To Fix iPhone 12 Unknown Caller (No Caller ID) Issue

You’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 and the device is showing Caller ID Name, No Caller ID or Unknown Caller whenever you get an incoming call from a number that’s not saved as a contact? Although you’re not the only one experiencing this issue, you should know that it’s most likely carrier related….

New iPhone Incoming Call Banner notifications in iOS 14

How To Use The New iPhone Incoming Call Banner In iOS 14

iOS 14 finally brings a much awaited update to the Incoming Call user interface. New calls landing on your iPhone and iPad won’t take up the entire screen anymore. Incoming calls are announced by a new banner notification, displayed at the top of the screen. This way you won’t completely lose the focus on what…

woman receiving an unknown call

How To Call A Contact That Has Blocked Your Number

A while ago I showed you how to block a number and prevent that specific contact from reaching your iPhone. Whether it’s via messaging or calling you can easily protect yourself from harassing individuals and avoid contact with certain people that you want to stay away from. Now, let’s take a look at the other…

iOS 10 Announce Calls Option

The iOS 10 Announce Calls Feature

Another interesting feature coming with iOS 10 is the Announce Calls option. This allows your iPhone to inform you about the identity of the incoming caller. But doesn’t the iOS smartphone provide this info from Day 1, you might ask?! Well, not quite, because I’m talking about an audio announcement! Yes, Siri is involved in…

Apple Watch start call button

How To Make Apple Watch Phone Calls

Engaging in phone conversations via your watch OS device is a great option, when you’re busy sorting something around your house, or at your office and don’t want to stop what your doing, in order to grab your iPhone. We’ve already provided tips about how to answer/decline calls on Apple Watch. It’s time to check…