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Mac dropping calls from iPhone

Mac Dropping Calls When Switching From iPhone (macOS Big Sur 11.1)

Is your Mac dropping calls when switching audio from iPhone? Are you picking up or dialing a call on your iOS device, but when you want to transfer it to a MacBook, the call unexpectedly hangs up? This seems to be a common macOS Big Sur 11.1 issue, that happens most often while switching audio…

iPhone calls going straight to voicemail in iOS 14

How To Fix iPhone Calls Going Straight To Voicemail (iOS 14)

You’ve updated to iOS 14 but iPhone calls are going straight to voicemail, without ringing? This issue can be caused by a setting that hasn’t been configured properly, by an iOS 14 bug or carrier-related problems. Phone calls not coming through and going direct to voicemail have been reported for both the iPhone 12 range,…

iOS 14 Incoming Call Banner Bug

How To Fix Incoming Call Banner Bug On iPhone In iOS 14

Is the incoming call banner notification glitching on your iPhone in iOS 14? We’ve received a similar report from a reader, that complains about the fact that the incoming call banner randomly disappears and re-appears at the top of the iPhone screen….

iPhone random calls issue

How To Fix The iPhone Making Random Calls Issue

Are contacts calling you back and asking why you don’t speak out when you call them? Does your iOS call history display recent calls that you aren’t aware of? In this case, your iPhone is making random calls on its own, without you knowing it! Don’t worry! You’re not the first and won’t either be…

New iPhone Incoming Call Banner notifications in iOS 14

How To Use The New iPhone Incoming Call Banner In iOS 14

iOS 14 finally brings a much awaited update to the Incoming Call user interface. New calls landing on your iPhone and iPad won’t take up the entire screen anymore. Incoming calls are announced by a new banner notification, displayed at the top of the screen. This way you won’t completely lose the focus on what…