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Apple Music. crashing in CarPlay

How To Fix Apple Music CarPlay Crashing Bug (iOS 14.6)

Is Apple Music crashing in CarPlay right after you tap the app icon on your car’s built-in display? You’re not the only one! This is an ongoing issue signaled to us by many readers. Reports have started landing in right after the release of the iOS 14.6 RC version, but apparently even iPhone users running…

iPhone 11 CarPlay crackling sound during phone calls

How To Fix iPhone CarPlay Crackling Sound During Calls

CarPlay is a great feature to have when you use your iPhone while driving. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your iOS device with your car. The system works with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. It uses your car’s built-in display and controller. However, an annoying crackling bug can sometimes spoil the fun. Ever since…

iOS 10 parked car feature

Did You Know That Your iPhone Can Show The Location Of Your Parked Car?

iOS 10 introduced a helpful new feature, to the stock Maps app, which allows your iPhone to automatically save the location of your parking spot. Of course, that this option is particularly handy when you travel and you park your car in an unknown location. Avoid to get lost by connecting your iPhone to your…