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apple watch ultra sand stuck

Apple Watch Ultra Sand Stuck Between Frame And Screen?

Have you managed to fit sand between the Apple Watch Ultra frame and its screen? You’re not sure how to get it out without scratching the device? Thankfully there are a couple of ways to do it without damaging your watch….

Apple confirms iPhone can be wipe-cleaned with medical alcohol

How To Disinfect Your iPhone From Potential Coronavirus Germs

“Disinfection” is one of most popular keywords of these days. You’re probably aware that your smartphone is a germ magnet. Studies have shown that if not cleaned regularly, it can end up storing more germs than your toilet seat. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, maintaining your iPhone clean should be on the top…

iOS automatically cleaning cache from Facebook app

What Does “Cleaning…” Under App Icon On iPhone Home Screen Mean?

If you’re browsing your iPhone and notice that some of your apps are greyed out, act as being inactive and have a Cleaning… status displayed instead of the name of the application, don’t panic! It’s not a virus or some attacker controlling your smartphone. It’s iOS and its new ability of auto-cleaning temporary, junk and…

cleaning iphone screen with lint-free cloth

Common Sense Tips To Physically Clean Your iPhone 7 And Other Models

Several studies have shown that smartphones can end up hosting more germs and microbes than a toilet bowl. The computer, notebook or any other keyboard can be placed in the same category, but the fact that you’re a lot more personal with your iPhone compared to anything else, it’s important to know that you have…

iOS Low Storage Warning Messages

20 Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone and iPad

Storage space on a smartphone tends to be a never ending problem nowadays. There are numerous must have apps, ultra high definition capture options that can eat up an unlimited amount of storage. It’s true that Apple’s policy of maintain the entry iPhone terminals at a base storage option of 16 GB has seriously contributed…