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How To Use Memoji in WhatsApp

How To Send Memoji Clips & Stickers In WhatsApp From iPhone (iOS 14)

Memojis have become increasingly popular in the past year and iOS 14 adds to this trend with six new features and enhancements that make your personalized emoji stand out and express your style with even more accuracy. There are still many iPhone users that think that Memoji is restricted to Messages and have never used…

Sending GIF file via WhatsApp

WhatsApp For iOS Updates With GIF Support For iPhone and iPad

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files were prohibited for a long time on the Facebook-owned, popular cross-platform messaging platform. I’m happy to announce you that if you upgraded WhatsApp in the past month, your iPhone or iPad runs a GIF-friendly version. GIFs are those media files that loop a small clip on and on. They…