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macos Sonoma time bug

macOS Sonoma Clock Bug? Wrong Time After Restart? (Fix?)

Are you facing a macOS Sonoma clock bug? Mac displays the wrong time after restart? Cupertino time shows on the sign in screen although the clock is set for a different time zone? You’re not the only one experiencing this!…

clock greyed out lock screen ios 16

Clock Greyed Out On iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 16? Fix?

Is the clock greyed out on Lock Screen? Having trouble reading the time on iPhone because the clock isn’t displaying properly? Issue persists in iOS 16.5? You’re not the only one….

clock transparent iOS 16

Lock Screen Clock Transparent iOS 16 Issue? Time Invisible?

Lock Screen clock transparent on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Time and date become almost invisible no matter what font or color you pick? Problem persists in iOS 16.1.2 with Depth Effect turned off?…

clock too big ios 16

Clock Too Big iOS 16 Lock Screen Issue? [How To Edit]

Is the clock too big on iPhone after iOS 16 update? Numbers are very large on the Lock Screen? Are you looking for a way to edit the Clock widget and adjust the font size? You’re not the only one!…

24 hour time Lock Screen bug

24-hour Time Stuck On Lock Screen (iOS 16 Clock Bug?)

iPhone displaying 24-hour time on Lock Screen, although the option is disabled in Settings? 12-hour time is showing correctly in the status bar, but the 24 hour format is stuck Lock Screen? This looks like an early iOS 16 bug!…