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iOS 14.2 App Crashing bug

iOS 14.2: Apps Crashing Bug – iPhone Returns To Home Screen

Are apps unexpectedly crashing on your iPhone in iOS 14.2? This is a common occurrence and many apps seem to be affected. In fact, probably any application on your device might randomly close because this looks like an iOS generated bug and not an issue caused by the app itself….

ios 10 safari close all tabs feature

How To Instantly Close All Tabs In iOS 10 Safari

Along with the massive and highly appreciated Lock Screen, Control Center and Messages app revamps, iOS 10 also introduces a bunch of many other minor changes, that could easily pass undiscovered, but are quite useful. You know the saying “it’s in the small things” and this is why our team is currently test driving iOS…

apple watch home screen app bundle

Turn Digital Crown Downwards To Instantly Exit An App

I really do appreciate the sensitivity of Apple Watch’s touch screen display and the way Watch OS reacts to our tactile inputs. However, no matter how precise the interaction with the wrist gadget is, failed taps will occur, from time to time. For example, when you’re attempting to open an application from the bundle, available…

close apps on apple watch

Close Apple Watch Apps & Restrict Background Updates To Save Battery

Whenever you exit an app on your Apple Watch, the software won’t shutdown completely. It remains active in the background. Sometimes you need the application idle, because you can resume using it from the last screen you worked with. However, other apps will burn battery juice while remaining active in the background, without bringing too…

google chrome pull to reload, open or close tab

Chrome Pull To Reload, Open or Close Tab Trick

Google has just released version 42.0.2311.47 of its Chrome browser app, for iOS. A slick trick that now allows you to pull down to upload the current tab has been introduced. In fact, we’re talking about a three-way shortcut that provides swipe-fast access to the Refresh, New Tab and Close Tab commands. Google Chrome is…