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live color reading with cone

Cone A Live Color Picker App For Your iPhone

Are you a graphics designer, in love with all kind shades or suffer from colorblindness? Cone for iOS is here to make your day. Thanks to App Store developer, Kushagra Agarwal, your iPhone is now able to provide live real world color tracking. After receiving access to your device’s Camera, Cone is able to focus,…

redeem app store coupon code

How To Redeem App Store Coupon Code

If you’re the happy owner of an App Store coupon code or gift card, you’re only a few taps away from redeeming it. Read on and learn how to grab freebies from the Apple’s software market. Test drive paid apps and games without having to use a credit card. Developers often use the App Store…

iphone field test menu

17 Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes

Like all other famous gadgets, your iPhone has its own secrets. Read on and we’ll inform you about a series of hidden codes that unveil secret actions. These short codes will either uncover hidden menus or act as direct commands. They provide additional information about your device and tweak current settings. Some settings can be…