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macOS ventura compatibility

macOS 13 Compatibility: All Macs Supported By Ventura

Fewer Macs will be able to run macOS 13! The compatibility list includes some Macs as old as 2014, but most models require 2017 or later, while the MacBook Air is supported from 2018 or later. Many Apple computers supported by Monterey are also able to install macOS Ventura!…

watchOS 9 compatible devices

watchOS 9 Compatibility: Apple Watch 3 Not Supported

Apple has unveiled watchOS 9 during the WWDC 2022 keynote and alongside all the new features, one AW model has lost support. The watchOS 9 compatibility list doesn’t include the Apple Watch 3! It starts with Series 4 and later!…

iOS 16 supported devices

iOS 16 Supported Devices: 18 iPhones & Many iPads

The list of iOS 16 supported devices is shorter! With no old iPhone models cut by the release of iOS 15, Apple will stop supporting the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models, as well as the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the first generation iPhone SE….

watch0S 8 compatible devices

watchOS 8 Compatible Devices And Other Requirements

Is my Apple Watch watchOS 8 compatible? I have some great news, if your wrist-worn gadget is able to run watchOS 7, it’s also supported by the 8th watchOS generation! Similar to iOS 15 and iPhones, watchOS 8 is compatible with all Apple Watch models that are running its previous version….

macOS Monterey compatible Macs

macOS Monterey Compatible Devices: Is Your Mac Supported?

Unlike iOS 15 that supports all iPhones able to run iOS 14, macOS 12 can run on less Macs than Big Sur. The macOS Monterey compatible devices are ranging from late 2013 models to the 2021 releases. Apple has managed not to drop iPhone and iPad models for its 2021 software updates. However, macOS 12…