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airpods connection failed error

AirPods Connection Failed Error? Try Again Not Working? Fix!

Getting AirPods connection failed error when trying to pair Apple’s wireless earbuds to iPhone? Try Again won’t fix it? You’re seeing the same red exclamation mark over and over again? You’re not alone!…

Connection Failed on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Connection Failed Error In watchOS 9 (Fix?!)

Are you getting an Apple Watch Connection Failed error after update to watchOS 9? You’re asked to make sure that “Unknown” is turned on and in range? Tap OK to dismiss the error and bring up your Watch Face….

AirPods Temporarily Share Audio keeps popping up

AirPods Connect To iPhone Keeps Popping Up Every Time (Fix!)

Is AirPods Connect to iPhone popping up on your iOS device every time you get the wireless earbuds out from their case? Does this happen although your AirPods are already paired with all devices linked to your Apple ID?…

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch not working

Wireless Connection Too Weak For Apple Watch To Unlock Mac?

Are you getting the ‘Wireless connection too weak for Apple Watch to unlock this Mac’ error? You wakeup your MacBook and expect it to automatically unlock, thanks to the Apple Watch that’s on your wrist, but it doesn’t work?…

AirPods not connecting to iPhone

How To Fix AirPods Connection Unsuccessful Issue In iOS 15

Are you prompted with the Connection Unsuccessful popup and the AirPods are not connecting to iPhone anymore? Has this started since you’ve updated to iOS 15? The warning informs that iPhone can no longer connect to AirPods or claims that Apple’s earbuds are not in range!…