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Maps hit for store that accepts Apple Pay.

How To Quickly Find Stores That Accept Apple Pay

Did it ever happen to you to go out and receive a text, or suddenly notice that you need to purchase groceries, gas or something else, but realize that you accidentally forgot your wallet at home? If your answer is Yes, here is a quick tip that will help you get out of jail. If…

apple pay now live in uk

Apple Pay Goes Live In The UK For Contactless Visa Card Owners

Great news for all Apple users from the United Kingdom! Apple Pay is now available in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, making UK the second country to support Apple’s revolutionary wireless payment system! Paying bills with an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 has proved to be a real success in…

apple pay activated on apple watch

Use Apple Watch To Pay Wirelessly From Your Wrist

Your watch OS device is equipped with NFC hardware. This makes wireless payments available directly from your wrist. The great thing is that you don’t even need to have the paired iPhone around, for this feature to work. Once you set up Apple Pay on your smartwatch you can reimburse your offline purchases with a…