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Shazam Music Recognition on iPhone in iOS 14

How To Use Shazam Music Recognition Feature On iPhone (iOS 14)

Apple has integrated the Shazam app into iOS 14. Ever since the release of iOS 14.2, iPhone owners can use the new Music Recognition feature. This new option can be quickly accessed thanks to a new Shazam toggle that can be added to the Control Center….

How To Remove Apple Watch Control Center Toggles

How To Delete Apple Watch Control Center Icons In watchOS 7

A hidden feature available on Apple Watch in watchOS 7 allows you to add and delete icons from the Control Center. If you have toggles that you rarely use, you can remove them and declutter the Control panel, from your wrist! watchOS 7 also brings a new Control Center toggle for the newly added Schooltime…

how to adjust iPhone ringer volume with volume buttons

How To Fix iPhone Ringer Volume Button That’s Not Working

If you’re new to iOS, you might not be properly up to date with how your iPhone’s Volume buttons work. Ever since the earliest models, Apple’s smartphones are equipped with two buttons that help users to control the Volume intensity. They’re placed on the left side of the device and are called Volume Up and…

Trick to stop iPhone screen recording without altering the capture.

2 Quick Tips To Stop The Screen Recording On Your iPhone

Starting with iOS 11, iPhone and iPad user have the option to screen record their device. This is very useful when you want to save data, create tutorials or simply show what’s playing on your smartphone. When you start a screen recording session you have three seconds to display the app that you want to…

ios 13 dark mode settings

Hidden Dark Mode Shortcut In iOS 13 Control Center

One of the first new features that you’re prompted with after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 13 is the availability of the new Dark Mode. As soon as you start configuring your iPhone for iOS 13 you’re asked what theme you prefer Light or Dark. Select whatever suits you best at the time of the…