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Pinned Messages Conversations in iOS 14

How To Pin Message Conversations On iPhone In iOS 14

The native Messages app gets a whole series of new features and enhancements in iOS 14. One of them allows users to pin conversations. Highlight important messages and get easier access to popular discussions. You can pin up to 9 message conversations. The pins are displayed at the top of the conversations list, in the…

Apple Watch start call button

How To Make Apple Watch Phone Calls

Engaging in phone conversations via your watch OS device is a great option, when you’re busy sorting something around your house, or at your office and don’t want to stop what your doing, in order to grab your iPhone. We’ve already provided tips about how to answer/decline calls on Apple Watch. It’s time to check…

ios mute notifications for a conversation

The iOS Mute Notifications For A Conversation Feature

Every now an then you engage in a group conversation or have text exchanges that sometimes get overwhelming and can distract you too much, from your work and other important daily routines. iOS 8 comes with a great new feature, that allows you to completely deactivate notifications. This way you can control for which chat…