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How To Rip A DVD To Your Mac And Transfer Movie To iPhone

Do you have important DVDs with your wedding day, a favorite movie or any other video content that’s very important to you? You must be aware that DVDs are vulnerable. They easily get misplaced or become unplayable because of ageing. More, consider that a new Mac doesn’t event feature a DVD drive anymore! You should…

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5 New Spotlight Search Functions With iOS 9

As you might already know one of the most advertised characteristics of iOS 9 is proactiveness. The Spotlight search feature plays an important role in this equation. This rapid search function has received a series of enhancements with the release of the 9th iOS generation. It can perform automatic currency conversions, math operations, provide realtime…

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Offline Currency Converter For iPhone and Apple Watch

August is the month of traveling and foreign currency conversions are always something that you need to take in account of, when opting for an abroad holiday. I’m currently touring Europe and just discovered this simple but very handy iOS app, that includes Apple Watch support. How Much? detects when you travel away from your…