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iOS 13.5 Software Update screen

iOS 13.5 Major Health Update Available Now (4 New Features)

Apple has just rolled out the much expected iOS 13.5 update that packs the Exposure Notifications API as the main new feature. However this important update includes many other health related changes, like the iPhone’s ability to detect if the user wears a mask. In this case the OS will skip Face ID authentication and…

COVID-19 Exposure Logging feature for iPhone

How To Enable / Disable COVID-19 Exposure Logging On iPhone

Apple and Google have partnered to develop a COVID-19 Exposure Notification API that will help smartphone users to get alerts whenever someone that was in their proximity, over the last 14 days, has marked himself as infected with the new Coronavirus. This will alert the user to self-isolate, test himself and prevent from becoming an…

Apple COVID-19 app home screen

Apple COVID-19 App Updated With New Symptoms And Cloth Mask Tips

Apple has just updated its COVID-19 screening app with a new set of symptoms in accordance to the adjustments made by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in its guidelines. We’re talking about a fresh list of early tell-signs that could hint about a potential coronavirus infection. These include muscle plain, chills, shaking…

Using iPhone 11 without Passcode

Tips To Disable Face ID And Passcode For Unlocking An iPhone While Wearing A Mask

Although we strongly advocate for using a Passcode to protect the data on your iPhone, the COVID-19 pandemic pushes us to temporary disable it. That’s because wearing a mask and latex gloves complicates unlocking your iPhone. I’ve just returned from grocery shopping and I had to unlock my iPhone several times while on the move….

iPhone new COVID-19 Exposure Notifications feature

How To Use The COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Feature In iOS 13.5

Apple has just released iOS 13.5, a major health update for iPhone and iPad. This third test version includes the announced COVID-19 Exposure Notifications function that will help smartphone users to get notified whenever they are in the proximity of a person that tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. The feature comes under the form…