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iPhone Camera fuzzy in iOS 15

iPhone Camera Crashing, Viewfinder Fuzzy After iOS 15 Update

Is the iPhone Camera crashing when you want to take a photo in iOS 15? Does the viewfinder become fuzzy without any obvious, reason making it impossible to shoot a high quality image? This seems to be another iOS 15 glitch that has been plaguing iPhone owners in the last couple of days….

iPhone 13 CarPlay not working

How To Fix iPhone 13 CarPlay Not Working, Crashing In iOS 15

Is your brand new iPhone 13 crashing CarPlay when you attempt to play songs from Apple Music or any other third-party streaming app like Spotify? This looks like another widespread day one iOS 15 bug. Strange enough it only affects the 2021 iPhone flagships!…

Microsoft Office apps crashing in iOS 15

How To Fix Microsoft Office Apps Crashing In iOS 15 RC

Are the Microsoft Office apps crashing on startup after updating to iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 RC (19A344)? Is this happening for most MS Office apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint? Although these apps worked without problems during the beta testing stages, a bug or change included in the iOS 15 Release Candidate version causes…

Music app crashes Settings in iOS 15

How To Fix Settings Crashes When Tapping On Music In iOS 15

Settings app crashes whenever you tap on Music? Are you trying to edit Apple Music settings but the screen freezes, becomes unresponsive and Settings quits unexpectedly? This bug has surfaced in the iOS 15 RC version. Until Apple issues a fix, apply the following troubleshooting steps to solve it!…

Snapchat crashing after update

How To Fix Snapchat Crashing After Update On iPhone

Is Snapchat crashing on your iPhone a few seconds after you open the app? This is most likely caused by a software update that you recently downloaded from the App Store. Snapchat version is the one coming with the app crashing bug….