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Error message when charging a wet iPhone

Wait At Least 5 Hours Before Charging A Wet iPhone!

Apple’s iPhones get more and more water resistant with each new generation. However, they are still far away from being waterproof, although the iPhone XS and XS Max have received the IP68 rating, which is the maximum available when it comes to water and dust protection for a device, they are still quite vulnerable to…

fully cracked iphone x

How To Pay Only $29 For iPhone X Screen Replacement And $99 For Other Damage

The iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone ever sold by Apple! The edge-to-edge OLED display, that’s outsourced from Samsung and the revolutionary TrueDepth camera that powers Face ID and Animoji have skyrocketed the iPhone Ten’s price to 4-figures. Paying $999 or $1149 plus taxes is a considerable amount. However, if you live outside the…

geniune vs aftermarket iphone 7 display

How To Fix Replaced iPhone Display That’s Malfunctioning With Erratic Touch Commands

Have you recently serviced your iPhone and replaced its damaged screen? Is the new display acting weird, registering touch commands without your fingers even reaching for the glass? Is it impossible for your to write text because random letters are auto-pressed on the keyboard without you even touching the screen? Does the iOS device simply…

iphone and applecare+

What Is AppleCare+ For iPhone?

vWhen you buy and iPhone the device comes with an 1 year warranty for hardware crashes and 90 days of complimentary support. The hardware warranty is limited and covers manufacturing flaws and any other problems that might appear on your iOS device under normal usage. For example, a battery that isn’t working at normal parameters….

water damaged iphone 7 plus

8 Tips To Prevent iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

Although Apple advertised the iPhone 7 as being dust and water resistant, it’s impermeability is limited and you can easily end up with a water damaged device, in case you don’t follow some basic operation rules. The tips listed in this article are here to underline the vulnerabilities and also to raise your awareness about…