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change default web browser on Mac

How To Change Default Web Browser On Mac (Chrome, Edge…)

Do you know that you can change default web browser on Mac? If you don’t like Safari you don’t have to ‘stick with it’. You can easily switch to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or any other less popular browser….

Gmail default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Gmail As Default Mail App On iPhone & iPad In iOS 14

One of the less known iOS and iPadOS 14 feature let’s you can change the default mail app for iPhone and iPad. However, for this option to become available, third-party mail clients have to be updated with compatibility. Microsoft have been the first to reach as they’ve updated Outlook with this feature as soon as…

iOS 14 bug resets default apps to factory settings

How To Stop Default Browser & Mail Client From Reverting Back To Factory Settings (iOS 14 Bug)

iOS 14 premiered a highly expected feature, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to edit the default web browser and mail client. Yes, you can now replace Safari with any compatible web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo. The same goes for the stock Mail app. Microsoft Edge can be now set as default mail…

Microsoft Outlook default mail app on iPhone

How To Set Microsoft Outlook As Default Mail App On iPhone

iOS 14 allows users to set compatible third-party mail apps as default mail application for iPhone. This means that you can replace the stock Mail app, with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any other compatible software that supports this new feature….

DuckDuckGo default web browser on iPhone

How To Set DuckDuckGo As Default Web Browser For iPhone In iOS 14

iOS 14 allows users to change the default Safari we browser, with compatible third-party apps. DuckDuckGo has been updated with support for this new feature and you can now set it as primary web browser on your iPhone and iPad. All that you have to do is update your device to iOS 14 and download…