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system data on iphone is huge

How To Clear System Data On iPhone Storage In 2023 (Zero KB)

Are you looking for a way to clear System Data on iPhone and free up storage space? Other System Data taking up way too much space, or the contrary, showing -1 byte or Zero KB? Here is how to shrink or delete it!…

Safari tabs deleted ios 16.1

Safari Tabs Disappeared, Deleted From iPhone In iOS 16.1?

Have Safari tabs disappeared from iPhone after iOS 16.1 update? Has the browser automatically switched to Private browsing and when you return to your public tabs, there’s nothing available? Most recent tabs have been deleted? Or, you’re manually deleting older tabs, but Safari keeps on restoring them?…

extension internal error macos ventura

Extension Internal Error: Can’t Trash Files in macOS Ventura

Are you getting Extension Internal Error when trying to send files to Trash in macOS Ventura? You can’t delete data from desktop, downloads, documents or any other location on your Mac after updating to macOS 13? You’re not alone!…