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iphone x jailbreak

iPhone X Running iOS 11.1.1 On-Stage Jailbreak Demo (Video)

Although there is a high chance that you rubbed your eyes when you saw the title, the info is true. Just one week after the launch of the iPhone X and one day after the release of iOS 11.1.1 a jailbreak demo has been made, on stage, during the POC2017 event hosted in South Korea….

identical twins using iphone x face id

iPhone X Face ID Fails To Differentiate Identical Twins

Face ID is the new authentication method chosen by Apple for unlocking the iPhone X. The revolutionary TrueDepth camera facial recognition system is also used for validating Apple Pay purchases, various passwords and other security related logins. It replaces Touch ID, mostly because of the removal of the Home button, to allow the iPhone ‘Ten’…

iphone camera slow-motion

iPhone 5S Camera Slow-Motion Demo

Slow-Motion is one of the coolest new features of iSight within iOS 7. You can now shoot spectacular 120 frames per videos with your iPhone 5S. The built-in slow-motion feature will play the recording with a 25% slower pace, creating some exciting footages from some of the simplest videos. It’s fun because you can edit…

storm raiders on iPhone 5s

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders iPhone 5s Game Play Demo

If you’re looking for a flight fight simulator for your iPhone 5s, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders should be your next Apple Store search! Atypical Games have created attractive and historic World War II combat missions, with detailed scenery, which are going to test your aerial combat skills! If you’re a dogfight nut you’re gonna love…