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iOS 16 Beta 2

iOS 16 Beta 2 New Features, Changes, Bugs, Fixes & More

Apple has just rolled out iOS 16 Beta 2 build number 20A5303i. This 2nd test version is intended for Developers and can be downloaded on any compatible device that has the iOS 16 Configuration Profile installed on it!…

iPadOS 16 Beta for Developers

iPadOS 16 Beta Download, Features, Bugs & More [Developers]

Apple has released the first iPadOS 16 Beta for Developers. It comes with the same build number as iOS 16 Beta and that’s 20A5283p. This test version can be installed on any iPadOS 16 compatible iPad!…

macOS Ventura Beta

macOS Ventura Beta Download, Features & Bugs [Developers]

Apple has seeded the first macOS Ventura Beta for Developers. It’s labeled macOS 13 Developer Beta and has build number 22A5266r. You can install it on any Mac or MacBook that’s compatible with macOS Ventura….

tvOS 16 beta for developers

tvOS 16 Beta Download, Features And Bugs [Developers]

Apple has also released the first tvOS 16 Beta (20J5299n) for Developers, although the upcoming new software for the Apple TV hasn’t been previewed during the WWDC 2022 keynote. You can install it right now on any compatible Apple TV!…

watchOS 9 Beta for Developers

watchOS 9 Beta Download, Features And Bugs [For Developers]

Apple has released the first watchOS 9 Beta for Developers with build number 20R5287q! Unlike the iOS 16 beta, the Apple Watch test version are only available to registered and paying Apple Developers!…