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how to Focus with iOS 15

How To Filter Notifications With Focus On iPhone (iOS 15)

In iOS 15 you can filter notifications on your iPhone with the help of Focus. This new feature allows you to create Profiles according to your daily routine. Instead of blocking all notifications you can permit the ones those that are really important for what you’re currently doing!…

iPhone displaying Weather forecast on the Lock Screen

How To Display The Weather Forecast On The iPhone Lock Screen

A new feature embedded in iOS 12 allows you to get a glance of the current weather conditions on the Lock Screen view. The info is extracted from the stock Weather app built-in your iPhone or iPad. However, a series of ticks have to be checked, so that you can benefit from this new option….

iphone x running do not disturb bedtime mode

Do Not Disturb Enhancements In iOS 12 – Bedtime And 3D Touch

The Do Not Disturb mode is a frequently used iPhone feature that has received its share of upgrades in iOS 12. You might remember that last year, the Do Not Disturb while driving feature has been added to the iOS environment, allowing your iPhone to automatically silence when it detects that you’re driving in order…

do not disturb while driving ios 11 feature

Do Not Disturb While Driving An iOS 11 Feature To Prevent Texting At The Wheel

A highly welcomed new feature that is included in iOS 11 is called Do Not Disturb While Driving and has the role to prevent iPhone and iPad owners from getting distracted while on the move. Texting while operating vehicle has proved to be a significant source of car accidents and this new option allows your…

how to enable apple watch theater mode

Apple Watch Theater Mode Tips and Tricks

Apple has finally provided a solution for those unpleasant moments when the Apple Watch might disturb nearby audience in theaters and cinemas. Various notifications and alarms along accidental wrist raises will usually light up the smartwatch’s display and annoy people nearby and even yourself, while watching an interesting movie or following a nice play. However,…