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red notification dot stuck on apple watch

Apple Watch Red Notification Dot Won’t Go Away (Fixed!)

Apple Watch notification dot won’t go away from the top of the Watch Face? Is the red dot stuck on the screen after a notification is triggered? Swipe-down for Notification Center to clear the notifications doesn’t work either? This is a common issue in watchOS 9!…

Apple Watch dots on dial bug

Apple Watch Dots On Watch Face Dial Instead Of Numbers?

Is your Apple Watch showing three dots on dial instead of the numbers for some hours? Does this happen only on Watch Faces that use the analog dial, like GMT? This is a minor watchOS 8 bug that can be easily fixed in Settings….

Contour Watch Face notification dot off center

Contour Watch Face Notification Dot Off Center (AW 7 Bug?)

Is the brand new Apple Watch 7 displaying the Notification dot off center? The red dot that indicates that you have unread notifications, is placed towards the right of the screen? Does this bother you? Is this a watchOS 8 bug or an intended behavior?…