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downgrade ipadOS 16.1.1 to 15

Downgrade iPadOS 16 To 15 Without Third-Party Apps [How To]

Yes, you can still downgrade iPadOS 16 to 15 without losing data and without a paid third-party app. Both iPadOS 16.1 and 16.1.1 can be reverted to 15.6 RC, the only iPadOS 15 version that’s still signed by Apple!…

downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15

Downgrade iOS 16.1 To 15.7.1 Is Possible! [How To Guide]

Yes, it’s possible to downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15.7.1 without losing data! It’s a three-step process, but it can be achieved by any iPhone user with the help of a computer, Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable and an Internet connection!…

downgrade iOS 16.2 to 16.1

Downgrade iOS 16.2 beta To 16.1 Without Data Loss [How To]

Yes, it’s possible to downgrade iOS 16.2 beta to iOS 16.1 without losing data! If you’re not satisfied by the current iOS 16.2 beta performance and are not able to cope with bugs like Camera not closing or App Store crashing you can easily revert to the current public version….

downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15

Downgrade iOS 16.1 To 15.7 Without Losing Data!

Are you looking for a way to downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15 without losing data? You’re not happy with the issues encountered in 16.1 and want to return to a signed iOS 15 version until the latest OS is fine tuned? You can still do it!…

iOS 16.0.2 unsigned

iOS 16.0.2 Not Signed Anymore! iOS 15.7 Still Signed!

Apple has unsigned iOS 16.0.2, one week after the release of iOS 16.0.3. This means that you can not restore the previous version in Finder or iTunes anymore. Nevetheless, iOS 15.7 is still signed, which means that you can still downgrade to iOS 15!…