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Facebook Messenger down

Facebook Messenger Down, Not Loading, Not Sending (Fixed !)

Is Facebook Messenger down on iPhone or any other smartphone? Are messages not sending, not delivering and the FB Messenger app is stuck in the Connecting… status? The always spinning wheel is displayed? The cross-messaging platform is experiencing a serious worldwide downtime!…

apple support forums hacked

Apple Support Forums – An Unexpected Error Has Occurred

The Apple Support Communities are currently unavailable! Loading discussions.apple.com displays an Internal Error message: Oops! An unexpected error has occurred. Users are asked to visit the Apple Support Communities main page. However, the same error is displayed in a loop….

iCloud 'Verification Failed' error prompt

How To Fix The iCloud ‘Verification Failed’ Error

A series of iCloud related issues have been reported in a short time frame on Tuesday. If you had problems signing in to your iCloud account, or problems with accessing iCloud web apps and iCloud Mail, they should have been solved by now. However, this can reoccur in the future and you have to know…

itunes store is unable to process purchases at this time prompt

105-Minute-Long App Store Purchase Downtime Has Been Solved

A short while ago a large number of Apple users have been experiencing problems with the App Store’s functionality. More precisely, they were not able to make purchases. Signing in for download content and various other services from the popular software shop, wasn’t available either. The Cupertino-based tech giant has acknowledged to outage and has…

animal crossing pocket camp network error

How To Fix Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Network Error Problems

Nintendo has hit the jackpot again and released another blockbuster game for your iPhone and iPad. It’s called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Download link) and is the mobile version of the Animal Crossing franchise. However, success comes for a cost though and the Japanese video game company has had its share of ups and downs,…