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dynamic island shows in screenshot iphone 14 pro

How To Remove Dynamic Island From Screenshots & Screen Recordings

Are you looking for a way to remove the Dynamic Island from screenshots and screen recordings made with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max model? You’re not the only one!…

dynamic island stutter

Dynamic Island Stutters When Locking iPhone & AOD Is Enabled

Dynamic Island stuttering when locking iPhone with Side Button and the device transitions to Always On Display mode? Animation feels broken while the island is expanding? This is a new glitch reported for the iOS 16.1 RC release….

black box on screen ios 16

Black Box Stuck On Screen? iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Bug?

Is a black box stuck on iPhone 14 screen? The item has a squared shape with rounded corners and won’t go away from the top of the screen, when you browse your Home Screens, App Library, Control Center and other interfaces?…

iphone 14 dynamic island game

iPhone 14 Dynamic Island Game (Hit The Island!)

Check out one of the first iPhone 14 Dynamic Island games that have been updated to the App Store once the new devices became available. Hit the Island to score points and have fun while you’re queuing or want to chill out….

iphone 14 pro screen protector

Are iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors Dynamic Island Compatible?

You’re looking for an iPhone 14 Pro screen protector but aren’t sure if using one will negatively affect the performance of the new Dynamic Island? That’s a legit question. In this article we analyze if the new notch is screen protector compatible….