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share email to whatsapp on iphone

How To Share Email To WhatsApp On iPhone In iOS 16

Are you looking for ways to share email to WhatsApp on iPhone? iOS 16 doesn’t make this action too straightforward but it’s doable. Depending on the length and contents of the message you have a few options to choose from!…

welcome to your new iphone 14 email spam

Welcome To Your New iPhone 14 Email Sent Daily? (Fix!)

You’ve recently purchased a new iPhone 14 and are receiving ever since a daily ‘Welcome to your new iPhone 14’ email? You’re asked to ‘Get to know your new iPhone 14’ over and over again?…

itunes connect banking email

Got iTunes Connect Banking Email From Apple (Error or?)

Have you recently received an email from iTunes Connect that’s asking for banking information although you’re not even using the service? You’re informed that your banking info is invalid and needs to be updated? You’re most likely dealing with an Apple mishap as many other users….

double email notifications in iOS 15

How To Stop Double Email Notifications On iPhone In iOS 15

Getting double email notifications on iPhone after updating to iOS 15? This usually happens when you use the stock Mail app for managing your email! It’s an issue that can be very annoying especially if you heavily rely on email messaging!…

how to block email tracking in ios 14

Trick To Block Email Tracking On iPhone And Mac

Did you know that email marketing companies can still track you on iPhone and Mac even with the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature now available, starting with iOS 14.5? However, you can block them by disabling a simple setting called Load Remote Images!…