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How to Share your Medical ID during an Emergency Call

How To Share Your Medical ID During An Emergency Call

Starting with iOS 13.5 iPhone users are able to configure their smartphone to automatically share their Medical ID during an Emergency Call. This new feature has been noticed alongside the 4th beta version of the upcoming software update. As soon as you open the Health app, for the first time after upgrading, you’re prompted by…

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The iPhone X Emergency SOS Shortcut

Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise when we are in a sudden need of help and a timely SOS call can become lifesaving. However, if you don’t know the Emergency service number, or the situation doesn’t allow you to open the Phone app and manually dial 911, iOS 11 has a nice feature to help you out….

touch id temporarily disabled on iphone

Trick To Temporarily Disable iPhone Touch ID In Case Of Emergency

Unlocking an iPhone is currently done with the help of the user’s fingerprint. However, whenever the phone restarts, iOS will first ask for the device’s Passcode before allowing you to unlock with the help of the Touch ID technology. However, there might be some delicate moments when you would prefer to disable fingerprint authentication, especially…

iOS 10.2 Beta 3 Software Update

iOS 10.2 Beta 3 Removes Videos App & Adds More TV App Functionality

The third iOS 10.2 Developer Beta for iPhone and iPad is out and up for grabs for everyone that has the iOS 10 Beta Profile installed, on its Apple device. As we plunge deeper and deeper into the testing program new features start to crystallize and changes from one beta to the next aren’t that…

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How To Set Up Your iPhone To Automatically Ask For Help In Case Of Emergency

We’ve already shown you how to set up your Apple Watch and enable the Emergency SOS feature, an option that’s available starting with watchOS 3. It allows you to launch a distress call to the appropriate authorities, as well as send automatic notifications to your predefined Emergency contacts, whenever you get in serious trouble. Emergency…