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Tag: Find My iPhone

find my airpods feature

How To Find Misplaced AirPods With The Help Of Your iPhone

Starting with iOS 10.3, iPhone users are able to easily locate their revolutionary $150 wireless earbuds, with the help of a paired Apple smartphone or tablet and the Find My iPhone software. This new feature comes to complete the “Find My [Apple product]” series, which includes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Read on and…

erase all data from iphone

How To Erase All Data From Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you want to sell your iOS device or plan to give it away to a friend you will need to erase all data and settings in order to protect your personal information and give the chance to the new owner to set up the iPhone from scratch and get a fresh start with his…

iphone activation lock status check

How To Protect Your iPhone With Activation Lock

Starting with iOS 7 Apple has added a new security feature that aims to protect the privacy of the data stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This system is called Activation Lock and has the role to block third party users from accessing your information, in case your iOS device is lost or…