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Items That Can Track Me in Find My

How To Scan For AirTags And Other ‘Items That Can Track Me’

Starting with iOS 15.2 users are able to make iPhone scan for AirTags and other unknown ‘Items That Can Track Me’. This is a new anti-stalking feature available in the Find My app….

Notify when left behind is temporarily paused

AirPods Notify When Left Behind Is Temporarily Paused!

Did you get the Notify When Left Behind is Temporarily Paused popup for AirPods Pro? This is a new battery saving feature added in iOS 15.1 Beta 4 that kicks in when AirPods haven’t recently been connected to iPhone, iPad or Mac!…

AirPods Left Behind Notifications not working

AirPods Pro Left Behind Notifications Not Working Properly ?

Are the AirPods Pro left behind notifications not working as they should on iPhone? Is your device alerting you that you’ve forgot your Bluetooth earbuds at a nearby location, although the AirPods are in your pocket? Worse, the Notify When Left Behind option is labeled as ‘Not supported’?…

Find My location not updating in iOS 15

Find My Location Not Updating On iPhone In iOS 15

Is the Find My location not updating for contacts added to People in iOS 15? This appears to be yet another glitch that has found its way in the iOS 15.0 first-release version. We’re probably dealing with one of the buggiest major iOS releases in recent years!…

notify when left behind not supported for apple watch

Notify When Left Behind Not Supported For Apple Watch 6

You’ve updated all your devices to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 but the Notify When Left Behind feature is labeled as Not Supported for Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad? The setting is greyed out in the Find My app and stuck in the Off position? Thankfully, there are a few ways to make it…