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mac touch id not working

Mac Fingerprint Not Working, Slow, In macOS Ventura? (Fix?)

Touch ID not working on Mac in macOS Ventura? Fingerprint unlock is slow or unresponsive even after macOS 13.0.1 update? Do you need to keep your finger for more than 30 seconds on the reader until your print is read? You’re not alone!…

iPhone SE Touch ID bug in iOS 14.2

iPhone SE: Touch ID Not Working In iOS 14.2 (How To Fix?)

Is the Touch ID on your iPhone SE not working after updating to iOS 14.2? You’re not the only one. We’ve recently received a bug report about a 1st generation iPhone SE that’s failing to unlock or authenticate purchases with Touch ID. The problem surfaced right after the device was updated from iOS 14.1 to…

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iPhone Touch ID Training Trick

If you’re a happy owner of the new iPhone 5S you’ve surly already tried and played with Apple’s latest security feature, the iOS Touch ID. It’s a technology that seems to be borrowed from James Bond movies! These days you don’t have to be a spy or a secret service agent anymore to unlock devices…