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AirTag firmware update 1A276D

How To Update AirTag Firmware To Version 1A276D

Apple has released its first ever AirTag firmware update! Build number 1A276D comes almost 1 month after the AirTags premiered. The new firmware has version number 1.0.276. That’s a couple of notches higher, when compared to the initial 1.0.225, that was used since launch day….

AirPods Pro updated to Firmware 3A283

AirPods 2 And AirPods Pro Firmware Version 3A283 Released By Apple

Apple has released the 3A283 firmware version for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. Apple’s wireless Bluetooth earbuds are configured to automatically update to the most recent firmware release. However, there are some tricks that you can apply to force the update, including connecting them to a charger and pairing them with the companion iOS device….

Airpods Pro firmware 2D27

AirPods Pro Firmware Update 2D27 Now Available For Download

It’s not only Developer Betas that’s Apple releasing these days. The AirPods Pro can be updated to version 2D27. This new software update comes to replace the existing 2D15 firmware that was released at the beginning of May. It’s only the second AirPods Pro software update for the year, but this is normal because the…

Airpods Pro 2D15 Firmware Update

How To Update AirPods Pro Firmware To Version 2D15

Apple has just released a new firmware update for the AirPods Pro. The new version is labeled 2D15 and it comes as an upgrade for the most recent editions 2C54 or 2B588. The previous AirPods Pro software update was rolled out in December 2019, but was later pulled without an explanation. This is why some…

airpods firmware update

How To Update The Firmware Version On Your AirPods

If you’re a proud owner of Apple’s most recent iPhone accessory, the cordless version of the earbuds, you have to know that the chip inside your AirPods runs a firmware that powers the hardware and synchronizes it via Bluetooth, with the paired iPhone. As with all other devices, Apple issues software updates, from time to…