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menu items from displaying under Macbook Notch

How To Prevent Menu Bar Items From Hiding Under MacBook Notch

Are you looking for a way to prevent menu bar items from hiding under MacBook notch? Apple has issued a new support document that explains how to block the space behind the camera housing on the new MacBook Pro M1 models! This is done with the help of a ‘Scale to fit’ setting….

Hey Siri not working on iPhone

How To Fix Hey Siri Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15

Is Hey Siri not working on iPhone after updating to iOS 15? Don’t panic, it’s most likely a minor glitch that can be easily fixed. First, you should check if Siri is properly configured to listen to your voice commands and then apply a few troubleshooting steps….

weather animations not working in iOS 15

How To Fix Weather Animations Not Working On iPhone (iOS 15)

Are Weather animations not working on iPhone? Is rain or snow not falling in the background of the current weather forecast when precipitations are ongoing in the current location? This is a new iOS 15 feature that requires your iPhone to be set up properly!…

Apple Watch 7 blank app icons issue

Apple Watch 7 Blank App Icons (Missing) For Third Party Apps

Is your brand new Apple Watch 7 displaying blank app icons for third party apps? This looks like a day one Series 7 bug that’s noticeable in the watchOS 8 app bundle. The icons from many apps are missing from the honeycomb, displaying an empty space instead….

Music controls not working in watchOS 8

Music Controls Not Working On Apple Watch (watchOS 8)

Are Music controls not working on Apple Watch? The Now Playing controls are greyed out, unresponsive or they don’t show up at all in watchOS 8? This happens when you want to tweak music playback on iPhone, AirPods, HomePod or any other connected Apple devices?…