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Users sharing messages on Facebook Messengers

Facebook Caps Messenger Forwarding Limit To 5 Users To Limit Fake News

Facebook has recently announced that it has introduced a new messages forwarding limit for its Messenger app. Users are now allowed to forward a message to a maximum number of 5 users or groups at a time….

How to Forward Messages on iPhone

How To Forward Messages From Your iPhone

Whenever you receive a text on your iPhone and want to share the content of it with one or more contacts, you can use the built-in iOS message forwarding feature. Of course that you can also do it the traditional way by copying & pasting the content from the current messages thread to the new…

imessage notification on mac

How To Receive iPhone Messages On All Your Apple Devices

A great feature available within the Apple ecosystem is that you can receive text messages on your iPhone and reply to them from your iPad, Mac or vice versa. This handoff feature can be both useful and annoying, depending on how you prefer to receive notifications. It’s obviously great to be able to read and…

ios call forwarding menu

iPhone Call Forwarding Tips and Tricks

The iPhone Call Forwarding feature proves itself very useful in a series of common situations. Here are all tips and tricks that you should know about this iOS tool. Read on and know how, when and where to use Call Forwarding. What is Call Forwarding? This setting allows you to redirect incoming calls towards another…

incoming call menu

10 Ways to Reject a Call on Your iPhone

With time being so precious nowadays we find ourselves, often, in the situation that forces us to decline an incoming call. Your iPhone provides different methods of rejecting a call, from gentle ones that are accompanied by a message informing the caller why you are unavailable to pick-up the phone, to the more brutal ones…