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apple tv not full screen on smart tv

Apple TV Not Full Screen On Smart TV? Not Filling Up Screen?

Apple TV not full screen when connected to smart TV? The image is complete but it’s not filling up the screen? Image is fitting just one quarter of the screen size, displaying in the top-left corner?…

roku airplay not working ios 16

Roku AirPlay Not Working From iPhone to TV In iOS 16? (Fix?)

Roku airplay not working properly after iOS 16 update? Streaming movies from iPhone to TV is available without Volume? Or audio works, but full screen is not available for some movies? You’re not alone!…

iOS game Tropico full-screen on m1 mac

iOS Apps In Full-Screen Mode On M1 Mac (macOS Big Sur 11.1)

Do you know that you can now run iOS apps in full-screen mode on the new M1 Mac? This is available starting with the latest release of macOS Big Sur. All that you have to do is update your machine to macOS 11.1! You’ll also be able to switch iPhone and iPad app windows between…