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Tag: Gameplay

hyperburner free app of the week

Hyperburner Free App Store App Of Week 16 (Save $2.99)

Apple has just announced that Hyperburner is the app on sale during week 16 of 2017. The App of the Week campaign proposes, each week, a paid App Store application, that goes free of charge for the upcoming 7 days. It seems that the Cupertino-based tech giant is up to date with the most recent…

Pokemon GO First catch of the Day Bonus.

Pokemon GO Gets Daily First Catch Bonuses, Prioritized Gym Placing & Quicker Gym Prestige Meltdown

Niantic has just released version 1.15.0 for Pokemon GO, more than two weeks after adding colors to incubating eggs. This is an update that focuses on encouraging Trainers to hunt daily, by helping them out to gain XP quicker and progress towards the higher levels of the game. The Gym defending and conquering system has…

This War of Mine for iOS

This War Of Mine For iOS Discounted From $14.99 -> $3.99

One of the most exciting games that I’ve played so far, on my iPhone, is called This War Of Mine. It’s highly interesting because it presents war from a different perspective. You’re not an elite soldier anymore that is encouraged to kill and conquer for glory, but instead, get the chance to experience the war…

GTA San Andreas Sale

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Vice City And Liberty City Gone On App Store Sale [Save $12]

If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise you’ll be happy to find out that three games from this series have gone on sale, in the App Store. Rockstar Games have decided to heavily discount the San Andreas, Vice City and Libery City stories editions of GTA, for iPhone and iPad. This sale…