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iPhone unlock animation lag

How To Fix iPhone Unlock Animation Lag In iOS 16

Is the iPhone unlock animation lagging after updating to iOS 16? Device unlocks properly with Face ID but the animation is slow and stutters? This is a common bug reported for the first time during Beta 5 (or Public Beta 3) testing phase….

Random Screenshots bug

iPhone Taking Random Screenshots (iOS 15 Bug?)

Is your iPhone taking random screenshots ever since you updated to iOS 15? Does the screen flash and a screen-capture is performed every time you pick up, unlock the phone and open an app? You’re not the only one. JM reported this unexpected screenshots bug occuring on his iPhone 12 Pro Max!…

Quick Notes not working on iPad

How To Fix Quick Notes Not Working On iPad In iPadOS 15

Is the new Quick Notes feature not working on iPad? You’ve updated to iPadOS 15 but you can’t open the floating quick note window, from the bottom-right corner of the screen? Neither swiping up with your finger or tapping with the Apple Pencil brings up the Quick Note interface?…

iPhone Storage not loading

How To Fix iPhone Storage Always Loading (Not Showing Up)

Are you trying to check the available space on your iOS device but iPhone Storage is not loading? The graph is stuck on ‘Calculating category sizes…’, while a spinning wheel is displayed in a loop instead of the list with the storage breakdown by app? Results are not showing up no matter how long you…

Siri doesn't speak on iPhone

Siri Doesn’t Speak Responses On iPhone? How To Troubleshoot!

Is Siri not speaking out responses on iPhone? Are the replies only displayed on the screen? This issue can be caused by a restrictive iOS setting or and iOS bug like the one that has been reported after the release of iOS 14.5, but the issue is randomly occurring in iOS 15 too!…