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iPhone X disappearing status bar.

How To Bring Back Hidden Status Bar On iPhone X

Did it just happen that your iPhone X status bar has vanished from the top of the screen? You’re not the only one that experienced this glitch. Yes, it’s annoying not to be able to glance in the left ‘horn’ for the current time, or check the carrier signal, Wi-Fi connectivity strength and the remaining…

iphone x battery indicator issue

How To Fix The Disappearing Battery Indicator Glitch On iPhone X

This article is not about the missing remaining battery percentage from the iPhone X status bar. This value is intentionally hidden by iOS 11, because of the lack of space caused by the notch! I’m covering now a strange behavior that started surfacing today for a series of iPhone ‘Ten’ owners. They experience a sudden…

iphone x ios 11 mail flickering bug

Fix For The iPhone X Mail Flickering Bug

Have you recently upgraded to the iPhone X and are worried that it might have shipped with a hardware failure that causes the top part of the screen to flicker? Well, if this issue occurs only when you open the stock Mail app, you can relax because there is no hardware failure on your device….

The iOS 11.1 letter "i" autocorrect problem.

Fix For The iOS 11.1 Letter “i” Autocorrect Bug

Apple released iOS 11.1 earlier this week to patch a series of bugs affecting Reachability, multitasking via 3D Touch and many others. The new firmware also adds over 70 new Unicode 10 emojis. However, among an entire list of benefits it also squeezed a new glitch that affects typing on your iPhone and iPad. A…

iphone x messages app bug

Annoying iPhone X Messages Bug Crashes The App (Fix Updated)

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X has been officially launched today! The 10th anniversary iPhone is an impressive piece of technology and there is a strong positive vibe about the smartphone all around the world. Users love the new Face ID, Animoji, the edge-to-edge OLED display and the streamlined User Interface that works great even without the…