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empty notification on lock screen

Empty Notification On Lock Screen In iOS 16.3? (Fixed!)

Are you randomly getting an empty Notification box on Lock Screen after updating to iOS 16? It’s also showing in the iPhone’s Notification Center? Problem persists in iOS 16.3? You’re not alone!…

apple watch face shrinks watchos 9

Apple Watch Face Shrinks? watchOS 9 Mini Watch Face Bug?

Apple Watch Face shrinks after watchOS 9 update? Watch Face glitches out and is displayed in small size, in the middle of the screen? Problem occurs with new models like Series 8 and AW Ultra, as well as older device?…

iphone battery 101 in status bar

iPhone Battery 101 Percent Charge? Charging Past 100%? Fix!

iPhone battery 101 percent charge in status bar? Battery charging past 100% if you keep your device plugged in for a longer time? Experiencing dramatic draining after unplugging? Device shuts down unexpectedly?…

keyboard haptics not working ios 16

Keyboard Haptics Not Working On iPhone In iOS 16? (Fixed!)

Are keyboard haptics not working on iPhone in iOS 16? iOS 16.0.3 update didn’t fix it either? Worse, all haptics stopped working right after this update, including persistent ones like alarms, calls and everything else?…

iPhone unlock animation lag

How To Fix iPhone Unlock Animation Lag In iOS 16

Is the iPhone unlock animation lagging after updating to iOS 16? Device unlocks properly with Face ID but the animation is slow and stutters? This is a common bug reported for the first time during Beta 5 (or Public Beta 3) testing phase….