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goat simulator app store sale

Goat Simulator Games Go On Sale In The App Store (Save $20)

The Goat Simulator games for your iPhone and iPad are now on sale in the App Store. Coffee Stain Studios has cut the pricing of 5 iterations including the original Goat Simulator, as wells as the Goatz, MMO Simulator, Waste of Space and Payday. All the above mentioned apps usually retail for $4.99 and are…

Goat Simulator gone FREE in App Store.

Goat Simulator Selected As Free App of the Week 50

If you always wished to be a goat, you’re now a single step away from fulfilling your dream. The Goat Simulator app for iPhone and iPad is the perfect solution when you feel stressed out and aim to release the pressure, by playing a destruction game built for iOS. Don’t expect shiny graphics or bug-free…