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iOS 14.3 GM update

iOS 14.3 GM Release Doesn’t Fix Important Bugs

Apple has just released iOS 14.3 Golden Master Release Candidate version, build number 18C65, to Developers and Public Beta testers. It comes one week after the release of Beta 3 and most likely, one week before the public release of iOS 14.3!…

watchOS 7.1 software update screen

watchOS 7.1 Changelog: New Features,Bug Fixes & Release Date

watchOS 7.1 is the next software update for Apple Watch. Its release is imminent, because the Golden Master version has just been rolled out to Beta testers. A GM version is a ‘Release Candidate’ software update and in most cases identical with the public release….

iOS 14.2 Golden Master Beta Update

iOS 14.2 Golden Master Update Fixes ‘New iOS Update Available’ Bug

Apple has rushed the iOS 14.2 Golden Master release to fix the ‘New iOS Update Available’ bug that flared up less than 24 hours ago and ruined the experience of most iPhone and iPad users that were actively testing the upcoming major public release….

Switch from iOS 14 beta to iOS 14

How To Switch From iOS 14 Beta To iOS 14 Public Release

There are two ways to install iOS 14 on an iPhone that already runs an iOS 14 Beta version. You can either update the device to the iOS 14 Golden Master version, which was released on September 15 and has the same build number, 18A373, as the iOS 14 public release. Or, delete the iOS…

iOS 11.2 Public Beta 6

iOS 11.2 Golden Master Version Released By Apple

Apple has just seeded the 6th beta version for the upcoming iOS 11.2 software update, to both Developers and Public testers. It’s a Friday release coming towards the end of the testing stage, which makes it a strong candidate as being the Golden Master version of the 2nd major iOS 11 upgrade. iOS 11.2 Developer…