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Google Appsperiments for iOS.

Google Releases Selfissimo, Scrubbies And Storyboard Photo & Video Apps

Google has just rolled out three mobile apps that come along a photo & video testing project, called “appsperiments”. The company aims to explore the potential of mobile photography. The new software is available on both iOS and Android platforms and facilitates testing of various technologies like object recognition, stylization algorithms, person segmentation, efficient image…

Facebook Messenger Kids screenshots.

Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Kids For iOS And Android

Facebook is now rolling out a new app in the App Store! This time the social media giant, from Menlo Park, is launching a project for children under 13, labeled Messenger Kids. It’s the mini version of Facebook Messenger, that gives parents total control on which Contacts the children can interact with. Facebook sees it…

Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify vs Apple Music – What’s Your Favorite Music Streaming Service?

Listening to music has never been more popular. Thanks to the recent technology leaps and the outspread of Internet, people from all across the globe are able to stream music at any given moment with the help of their smartphone, tablet or any other web-connected device. Turning your iPhone into a state of the art…