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fast haptic touch iOS 17

Fast Haptic Touch iOS 17 Feature Shortens Duration! (How To)

Are you looking for a way to make haptic touch faster? iOS 17 allows you to shorten Touch Duration by providing a third option to this Accessibility setting. Fast haptic touch is now faster and feels similar to the old 3D Touch!…

how rich text notifications should look on the new iPhone SE

How To Compensate The iPhone SE Missing Haptic Touch Functionality In Notifications

The 2nd generation iPhone SE has been released by Apple almost two weeks ago. The device got an overwhelming positive feedback mainly focused on the great price/quality ratio. However, as time goes by and users manage to test the device more thoroughly shortcomings also start to pop up. One of them is the missing Haptic…

how to rearrange apps on iphone home screen in ios 13

How To Rearrange, Delete Apps From The iPhone Home Screen In iOS 13

Apple has dropped 3D Touch support for its 2019 flagships and has opted for Haptic Touch as a replacement. Practically, instead of force touching the display you will achieve the same results with the help of a long press. This might turn out the be confusing, especially when you attempt to delete apps from the…