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iPhone 13 force restart trick

How To Force Restart iPhone 13 And 13 Pro (Hard Reset)

The iPhone 13 force restart trick is one of the most popular troubleshooting methods used for minor software issues. iOS 15 brings lots of new features but also a fair share of bugs. If you recently upgraded your hardware knowing how to hard reset iPhone 13 is almost mandatory!…

how to factory reset airpods max

How To Reset AirPods Max To Fix Bugs And Glitches

Did you know that you can reset your AirPods Max? This option is a great troubleshooting method in case of Bluetooth connectivity issues and other glitches that might arise while pairing and using Apple’s over-ear headphones with the various devices that’s compatible with….

white iPhone SE 2 force restarting

How To Force Restart / Hard Reboot The iPhone SE 2

Have you upgraded to the iPhone SE 2nd generation? Congratulations! Everything should be nice and merry with your new iOS device. However, there might be times when your smartphone start to behave strangely, the screen freezes and the entire device is unresponsive. You can’t even turn the device off and back on to naturally restart….

Netflix app frozen on Samsung smart TV

Trick To Force Quit Apps On Your Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV apps have also grown in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide lock-downs are forcing people to stay at home for more than they are supposed to. This is why even those of us that haven’t used video streaming apps like Apple TV+, Netflix or Amazon Prime are now killing time with the help…