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How to hide App Library in iOS 14

How To Hide Or Disable App Library In iOS 14

The App Library is a new iOS 14 feature that provides an one-page layout of all the apps available on your iPhone. It automatically organizes apps in categories. It also comes with a Search function that allows you to find the software that you’re looking for, if you can’t quickly glance it in the available…

How to rename widgets in iOS 14

How To Change Widget Names On iPhone Home Screen In iOS 14

You love filling up your iPhone’s Home Screen with widgets, but are looking for a way to add custom names to them? This is a feature that many iOS 14 users are asking for. I hate to disappoint you, but it’s unfortunately not available yet….

iOS 14 hide Hidden Album feature

How To Really Hide Photos On iPhone In iOS 14

iOS 14 enhances the photo hiding feature introduced in previous versions. Until now, to conceal an image from the Photos app you had to select it and use the ‘Hide’ option. This would secrete the image from the CameraRoll and the For You section, but still display it in the Albums section, in the ‘Hidden’…

Trick to hide all apps on iPhone Home Screen

Trick To Hide All Apps From iPhone Home Screen (iOS 14)

We finally managed to hide all apps from the iPhone Home Screen and you can do it to! All that you need to do is to run iOS 14 on your Apple smartphone. At the time of writing the 14th iOS generation is available for Public beta testing. iOS 14 will be released to the…

How to disable the Last Seen WhatsApp feature

How To Hide Last Seen And Read Receipts Info From Your WhatsApp Profile

There are moments when you don’t want to disclose too much information about yourself. WhatsApp as all other major social messaging platforms can be very transparent. By default, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is set to publicly display the time of day when you’ve used the app for the last time. This allows chat partners…