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Delete Siri & Dictation History on iPhone

How To Delete Siri History From iPhone, iPad, Mac & More

Everything that you command or dictate to Siri is recorded and sent to Apple’s servers for processing. The logs are used to optimize the iOS voice assistant and can be stored for more than 2 years. Privacy is valued and all your queries are linked to a random identifier that has no correlation with your…

All 5 Apple Watch models released by Apple

The First 5 Years Of Apple Watch History

Apple’s revolutionary smartwatch has celebrated its 5th anniversary. The Apple Watch was released on April 24, 2015 and the basic 38mm model was priced at $399. PreOrders have been so high that shipping estimates extended all the way to the month of June. However, the waiting was worth it because most of the early adopters…

app store all purchases in ios 11

How To Review All Apps You’ve Downloaded From App Store In iOS 11

Almost everything has changed in the App Store starting with iOS 11. The redesigned iOS app market is now intensively curated by in-house editors that aim to highlight more apps and games and tailor them to your needs. However, every now and then you might wanna review the apps that you’ve downloaded in the past….

ios spotlight search history

Trick To Clear The Spotlight Search History On Your iPhone and iPad

Spotlight Search is a great iOS feature that allows you to quickly search for apps, messages, notes, or anything else that is located on your iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a great shortcut for jumping to the most recent iBook that you’re reading, finding a reminder, calendar event or whatever you’re in urgent need of….

iOS 10 Recent call history label.

iOS 10 Adds Recent Label Next To iPhone Contact Number

A minor add-on that’s available starting with iOS 10 is the Recent label. It pops up above a number in the Call History app. It could pass as unnoticed for many iPhone users, but the feature is really helpful with those contacts that use multiple phone numbers on file. No, the tag isn’t created to…